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Music - Why social media is crucial for independent artists and record labels
The music industry is constantly evolving, and this requires artists to quickly evolve along with it. One of the most important tools in an artist's life right now is social media.

This has become especially important in the post COVID-19 age where concerts and live events are nowhere near being a reality again. As you have probably noticed, all sorts of artists are putting all their energy into social media promotion and this is no surprise. Our team at Promo Up Music has conducted some research along with our partners at Novelist Music Group to show you a few of the main reasons why social media marketing is the way to go for all music artists.

Before we get started

Before we dive into the question of why every artist needs a social media presence, let's talk a little bit about ourselves to assure you that we are to be trusted! As a forward-thinking music marketing and advertising company, we at Promo Up Music make it our goal to support independent artists, DJs and record labels in getting the word out about their music. We provide consultation and strategy services for all major music digital platforms to help you grow and succeed.

Meanwhile, co-founders David Biga and Dan Machowsky at Novelist Music Group are committed to providing resources to artists that will ensure their long-term financial stability. Their team provides a range of services including marketing consultations, SEO optimization, photography, videography and whatever else you may need to create the perfect social media identity.

As you can see, together we are the music dream team! We hope you are now convinced that we know what we are talking about, so let's dive right in!

Why every artist needs social media

1. Creating content

Content is always crucial, no matter the type of artist you are. Social media provides the perfect platform for artists to create and distribute content. This attracts new viewers, listeners, and potential long-term fans. Content includes everything ranging from music videos and skits to backstage photos from concerts and recording studios. It builds interest, gets your name out there, and connects you with people who like your content. Of course, each platform requires its own unique type of content, but that is what we at Promo Up Music specialize in, so leave that to us.

2. Building an audience

The whole concept of social media is a community, and that is what you will have to opportunity to create. By being a consistent presence on social media, you will build a group of committed listeners who will tell your friends and followers about you and so this community will only continue to grow. Although in the beginning, your follower count may be low, if you connect and stay in touch with your loyal fans, we can promise you that you are going to attract more people to join your journey.

3. Getting exposure

Social media connects people and this is how you will get exposure as an artist. By using the correct promotion and marketing strategies, your music will show up on potential listener's feeds. All it requires is a little strategy and planning. This is where Novelist Music Group has you covered. With even a small consultation, we will show you just how we plan to get you wide spread exposure on all social media platforms.

4. Wrapping up

Together, our collaboration team is here to help you grow your career. We are here to be your music digital marketing and social media management gurus. So, if you are ready to launch your music career and reach your goals, hit us up at Promo Up Music or Novelist Music Group with a message and let's get started!

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